Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dear JDRF and Camp Soaring Eagle...

Back in July, we received an email from JDRF about a Diabetes Camp at Camp Soaring Eagle coming in November. I hesitated at first, like I have the past 2 years when I thought about sending Bee to the week-long Camp AZDA during the summer. But this was only 3 days. I could handle 3 days? Right?

Only 20 kids were being accepted so I quickly  printed off the paperwork, faxed it in to Bee's Endocrinologist, and hoped her Endo would get it back ASAP. And she did. Almost immediately (because she's awesome like that).

I was happy.

And nervous.

I actually took that first step.

The next step was to fax the paperwork to JDRF and then wait to see if she was one of the twenty kids accepted.

She was.

I was happy.

And nervous.

I finally told Bee she was going and she was THRILLED! I had 4 months to get used to the idea of her being gone for a weekend.

Then the time finally came.

Thank goodness for the support of my friends (one who was just as nervous and worried as I was) or else I would have cried like a baby right in front of her the day she left. (Well, I did get teary before she left, but I saved the actual crying for later)

Off she went, on that bus, without me. I was letting my baby go off to be taken care of by people I really didn't know. But I just knew you'd all take great care of her.

I was still nervous. You have to understand, this is my baby. My little girl who, even at age 11, has never slept over at a friends house. Has never been able to go to a slumber party. Has never been able to go anywhere for any length of time without someone I've trained to take care of her. Not many people want the responsibility of checking BG's at midnight and 2am. Or having to deal with the scariness of a low. So my girl misses out on a lot.

But this weekend, she got to feel like every other child her age. She got to leave without her hovering mom. She got to have fun with friends who know what she goes through every day. And she was very well taken care of by very capable and caring people.

And she quite possibly had the BEST time of her life.

I don't know how to say thank you. Thank you just doesn't seem good enough.

You made my child forget she had "extra needs". You made her feel just like every other child her age. You made sure she was perfectly fine all while having the best time ever.

And for that, I am forever grateful.

That smile says it all!


  1. IT WAS MAGICAL!!!!! So happy to have shared this experience with you...and THRILLED that it was awesome all around ;)

  2. I am SO happy that Bee had such a wonderful time!!! Hooray for D camp!!!!

  3. Her great big smile coming off that bus says it all! I am so glad that she had such a wonderful time!! One day it will be my turn. I am sure I will be just as nervous as you were!!!!! :)

  4. Your right, her smile does say it all!

  5. So glad to hear she had a wonderful time!! ((hugs))

  6. I work with Camp Soaring Eagle and I was your little one's Unit Leader. She was absolutely amazing. I had a great weekend with her and the rest of the kids. Reading this just made my whole day. Thank you so much for sharing.

  7. Thanks for sharing this! I too am a regular volunteer for CSE I was privileged to get to spend the weekend with these amazing kids! Your positive feed back only makes the experience even more special. Thanks again.

  8. Thank you for this amazing post, it was our pleasure to welcome your daughter to camp. Thank you for entrusting her with us and sharing your experience so that many more children like Bee can experience the healing power of laughter with Camp Soaring Eagle.

    Jennifer W. Perry
    Executive Director
    Camp Soaring Eagle

  9. Yay!! Glad she had fun, she deserves it! : ) And, check out all the sweet volunteers who checked in with you afterward-that is awesome! : )


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