Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What They Didn't Tell Us

Almost 7 years ago, when Bee was diagnosed with Type 1, we had to go through this 5 day long crash course in how to care for her.

We were told how to count carbs.

We were shown how to give insulin injections.

We were taught how to test her blood sugar.

We were told what was a good range for her.

But what they didn't mention was something we should have known. That the insulin that would keep her alive, could also do the exact opposite. It could also kill her.

I knew about low blood sugars. I was told a little about possible seizures and when to use glucagon. But I was spared the details of the worst that could happen.

I don't remember how long it's been since the first time I learned of a Type 1 related death in a child. But I do remember I didn't sleep well for weeks afterward. I was sad. I had a knot in my stomach. I worried. I cried for the family of a child I never even met. But mostly, I cried for my own child.

Since that first time, I have heard of SO many more children losing their lives due to Type 1. TOO many. One as recent as this week. This isn't supposed to happen! No one told me this was possible!

But it IS possible. And it DOES happen. And most people still don't get how serious this disease is.

I am sure the next few days are going to be filled with worry and sleepless nights once again for me. When this happens, it really makes me want to micro manage this disease even more. But does that even help?

All I can do is try. And hope. And pray.

Pray for the family of the 16 year old boy who was taken too soon. Pray for the families of all the other children who lost their lives. Pray that my child will wake up just fine every morning,

But mostly, pray that a cure is found soon. So all of us D parents can live without anymore worry.


  1. Praying for a cure too. With all my heart.

  2. Drives me crazy to this day knowing medical professionals tip toe around telling it like it is. .......or could be.....

    We (I ) haven't been sleeping well for awhile, seeing all the blue candles. Most days now I'm afraid to even login to FB, afraid to see more. The result here is the highest A1c EVER for both Maddi and I....... Sigh. (hugs) always praying :)

  3. Praying with you for a cure. xox


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