Saturday, September 8, 2012

For my friend

Sweet Meri,

I started this blog post days ago. I have written, erased and rewritten it a hundred times. I just can't find the words. That's probably because there are no words. Nothing I can say is going to help you feel better. Nothing I can say is going to heal your heart right now. But I want SO badly to try.

Meri, I'm sorry. I'm so very sorry this had to happen. I want to say and do all the right things to help you through this. I have thought and prayed and cried wondering what to do or what to say to help you. But now I realize all I can do is be there for you. Listen when you need to talk. Cry with you when you cry. Get angry when you get angry and hug you (from afar) when you need one.

I'll be there, friend. We will ALL be there for you. Any time. Day or night, we will be there. Because we love you and that's what friends do.

♥ SCL and MTW ♥ 


For my non DOC friends, Meri is the mother of 4 boys. 3 of her boys have Type 1 Diabetes. Her husband, Ryan, was diagnosed with cancer 6 months ago. He passed away last Sunday, 9/2/2012. Please keep Meri and her boys in your prayers. We have also set up a (second) fundraiser to help Meri and the boys through this difficult time. Meri will still have lots of medical bills to pay as well as diabetes supplies for her boys. So anything you can spare, $1, $5, $10 or more. It all adds up. Please click on the fundraiser below to help this wonderful family. Your kindness during this difficult time is very much appreciated.

Medical Fundaising Made Simple


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