Diabetes Lingo

You will probably see a lot of the following phrases on here so I wanted to make a list for the people who are NOT fluent in "D Speak". Hopefully this will help you understand my posts a little better.

Apidra- The type of insulin Bumble Bee uses.

Basal- A continuous small dose of insulin given by the pump every hour to keep insulin in the body.

BG- Blood Glucose (Blood sugar)

Bolus-The insulin given after consuming anything containg carbs and/or given to correct a high BG.

CGM- Continuous Glucose Monitor. This is a device (A sensor with a needle inserted under her skin) that Bumble Bee wears that checks her BG every single minute. This does NOT take the place of regular finger pokes and blood sugar testing. It just helps us keep a closer eye on things.

Dex- The name of Bumble Bee's CGM. The proper name is the Dexcom Seven Plus.

DKA- (From Merck.com) Diabetic Ketoacidosis. This is an acute metabolic complication of diabetes characterized by hyperglycemia, hyperketonemia, and metabolic acidosis. DKA occurs mostly in type 1 diabetes. It causes nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain and can progress to cerebral edema, coma, and death.

The DOC- The Diabetes Online Community. Our T1 online family.

Endo- Endocrinologist. The specialist who helps to take care of Bumble Bee's type 1 Diabetes.

GF- Gluten Free. (I know this is technically not "Diabetes Lingo", but you'll hear it a lot on here.)

IOB- Insulin On Board. Bumble Bee's insulin is "active" for 3 hours after a bolus. Any insulin in her body during that 3 hours is referred to as her IOB.

JDRF- Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Ketones- (From the Joslin Diabetes Center website) Ketones are produced when the body burns fat for energy or fuel. They are also produced when you lose weight or if there is not enough insulin to help your body use sugar for energy. Without enough insulin, glucose builds up in the blood. Since the body is unable to use glucose for energy, it breaks down fat instead. When this occurs, ketones form in the blood and spill into the urine. These ketones can make you very sick.

T1- Type 1 as in Type 1 Diabetes.