Meet The Family

My name is Kris and my husband is Scott. We just celebrated our 15th anniversary! I wouldn't trade one day of our life together. We make a pretty good team!


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This is "Grasshopper". (He chose the name) He is 13 years old and a very smart kid. He enjoys playing the guitar and skateboarding. When he grows up, he wants to do something in the medical field. Grasshopper has ADHD and ODD. These 2 things alone are very hard to deal with. Combined makes it very difficult.  For anyone who thinks it isn't that big of a deal, try dealing with it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. You'll have a new respect for parent's of children with these disorders.

"Bumble Bee" is 10 years old. She LOVES reading. (So much so that I almost referred to her as "Bookworm" on here but she didn't care much for that name) She also enjoys cheerleading and cooking/baking. When she grows up she wants to be a Pediatric Endocrinologist and find a cure for type 1 Diabetes. Bumble Bee has a list of medical problems that's pretty long. You can read her story by clicking the tab at the top of the blog.

This is "Butterfly". On Oct 3rd she will be 7 years old. She enjoys cheerleading, playing with her Littlest Pets and she loves ALL animals. Especially cats. When she grows up she wants to be a Veterinarian. No surprise there! She is my quiet one. Content to play alone. but she is also very cuddly and loves to snuggle.

"Ladybug" is the baby of the family. But don't ever call her that! She will tell you that 4 year olds are NOT "babies". She is as girly as they come. She loves cheerleading, playing with dolls, dressing up and singing. Her favorite singer is Taylor Swift and she makes us listen to her over and over. When she grows up she wants to be...what else? A singer. Either that or a princess. She'll be really good at both.

Our very cooperative dog, Roxy :)

Roxy is almost 3 and came to live with us when she was 8 weeks old. We got her from another wonderful T1 family. She is now a part of our family and we couldn't imagine life without her! As you can see from the photo, she puts up with a lot! She'll do almost anything for a treat.


Lilly came to live with us in March. She came from a home where she wasn't very well taken care of so it took a  little time for her to adjust. She s now 11 months old and doing very well here! She is very curious and is finally getting to be more loving.